Main products cover wire mesh fence series and wire mesh series. 

Wire mesh fence series include temporary fence, crowd control fence, road barrier fence, anti climb 358 security fence, steel palisade fence/europe fence, highway fence, railway fence, airport fence, prison fence/ high safety fence, garden fence, playground fence, mountain forest fence, reservoir fence, house fence, warehouse workshop fence, fild fence/farm sheep fencing, rhombus welded razor mesh fence, heso barrier/military fence, barbed wire fence, spear top metal fence/razor wall spike, chain link mesh fence, expanded metal fence, holland wire mesh fence, pvc fence, galvanized steel fence, slope protection fence, wind dust break mesh fence/noise barrier panel, welded wire mesh panel and wire mesh fence post

Wire mesh series include stainless steel wire mesh, australia stainless steel security screen mesh, australia aluminium security screen mesh, mine screen mesh, crusher screen mesh, gabion mesh barrier, serrated bar steel grating etc.

We have the complete testing and measuring equipment, ensuring the stable and reliable quality of the products. Our products sell well both home and abroad and enjoy high international prestige. Our products are well sold both in China but also in USA, Australia, Germany, the UK, Japan, Singapore, Korea and some other countries and regions of the world.

Our products are popularly used in construction, decoration, petroleum, chemical industry, pharmacy, breeding, metallurgy, barrier and isolation, security, and other fields.

Good quality, competitive price, efficient service and about thirty years experiences, these advantages have enable us to be one of the most reliable suppliers of wire mesh in Anping County. And we have established regular business relationship with many customers.

We cordially invite you to visit our company and we look forward to cooperating with you.

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